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HYDREA may cause macrocytosiswhich is self-limitingand is often seen early in the course of treatmentThe morphologic change resembles pernicious anemiabut is not related to vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiencyThis may mask the diagnosis of pernicious anemiaProphylactic administration of folic acid is recommended.

Adultsadminister 15 mg/kg by mouth once dailyDose adjustments are made based on patient’s blood countsPatient’s obat ciprofloxacin, obat ciprofloxacin, obat ciprofloxacin, obat ciprofloxacin, obat ciprofloxacin, obat ciprofloxacin, obat ciprofloxacin, obat ciprofloxacin. blood counts are monitored every two weeksIf the blood counts are in anacceptablerangethe dose may be increased by 5 mg/kg/day every 12 weeks until a maximum tolerated dosehighest dose that does not produce toxic blood countsor 35 mg/kg/day is reached.

Generallyuse of live vaccines is contraindicated during treatment with cancer drugs because cancer drugs weaken the immune systemPeople with weakened immune systems have a decreased response to vaccines.

Not every pharmacy stocks this drugWhen filling your prescriptionbe sure to call ahead to make sure your pharmacy carries it.

HYDREA is used alone or in conjunction with other antitumor agents or radiation therapy to treat neoplastic diseasesIndividualize treatment based on tumor typedisease stateresponse to treatmentpatient risk factorsand current clinical practice standards.

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